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Recommendation of Eyebrowpencil. Clio killhardbrowpencel. It is really like shuemura's hard formula 2017-01-03

Recommendation of Eye brow pencil. Clio kill hard brow pencel. It is really like shuemura's hard formula




Hi, this is youngvely
Clio, recognized in eye brow field, relased eyebrow pencil as tinted kill brow eyebrow,
and it is really like shuemura's auto hard formula!
I found that the same manufacturer, the same formulas as shuemura, and the price is also reasonble
that's why I recommend this
I like shuemura's hard formula so much and have every color
the price is high but there is no alternative

But, now tinted kill brow eyebrow released by clio is really alike as if shuemura changed its casing only

Clio  tinted kill brow eyebrow
0.31g / 20,000 won
Package is unique package of clio kill brow line
However, it is easily recognizable since the proudut's image is presented on the box

It is reasonable price comparing to shuemura hard formula

it is auto type eyebrow pencil for easy use

the colors are #1 natural brown, #2 lighth brown this two

the casing is dual type, that is one side contians eyebrow and the other contains screw brush

Content is hexagon-shape so it is easy to draw various type of eyebrow

Content looks like that of shumura, doesn't it?

It is easy to draw delicate eyebrow whichever angle I chose because of hexagon brow
And it is not crushed even though I applied multiple times and it didn't get so dark

Therefore, beginners can easily create natural eyebrow

it contains screw brush which is essential when you draw eyebrow

you can express more natual eyebrow when you use before drawing and middle and last stage

And there is secret in the casing. That is casing is with sharpener
This is also like shuemura
when you pull the cap, you can use screw brush
and when you screw the cap, you can see sharpner
I like this economical product
Sometime you forget where you put separte sharpener

It cannot be only my case, I think haha

how to use integral sharpner is if you push the contens reverse direction 

beginner can easliy sharpening the content and use it like the new every day

it is hard type which is strong without oil
but gets soft with oil 

you can see soft eyebrow with clear color on the side with foundation

#1 natural brown/ #2 light brown
#1 natural brown is dark brown like chestnut color
It is brighter than Seal brown, shuemura's famous color and it matches well  with dark hari to natural brown hair 
#2 light brown is the color of brown which goes well with light brown dyed hair
In the photo, shumeura's walnut brown contains yellow color, so lighth brown looks red

but you can think this is the right color of light brow which goes well with Korean skin tone

Let me show you how to draw eye brow with clio kill brow hard brow pencil
This product is applied softly on oily eyebrow
when you use moisty foundation because it is autumn, eyebrow can be drawn darker for beginner

Because it colors too well  when it is too oily around eyes

Also lasting power can be reduced, so you should get rid of oil a little with the product holing oil

I have short eyebrow, so have to outline from the beginning like this

You can draw delicate eyebrow without blunt feeling thanks to hexagon brow which can be used as the new by sharpner every day

And then, draw eyebrow folloing your own eyebrow's grain as if you plant eyebrow one by one

You can draw more natural eyebrow if you use pencil's angle when drawing line and use flat side when you color at the fore of eyebrow

Finally, if you comb from the back to the fore with screw bruch
and then comb from the fore to the back 

you can express natural eyebrow without cluster of content

How natural! Don't you think so?

Beginner can use this easily because it doesn't crush or make cluster even with multiple application

I recommend this clio eyebrow for people who want to express natural eye brow 

I drew eyebrow with shuemura auto hardformual pencil on the other side
the sense of use is not different. Just color is different
I was sure that I could figure out the difference between them because I've used shuemural for long time

but there is nothing to be compared because both are alike

Well, let me find difference on purpose, shuemura has various colors

Left(clio) / Right(shuemura)
Seeing this photo, I am more confused 

It looks like the same products but different color

For my hair color, #2 natural brown is more natural
However, my hair color is between #1 and #2.
So both color went well with me

Why don’t you change your eyebrow to clio kill brow hard brow pencil with reasonable price if you use shuemura hard formula?

It is  not too much sayt that only different is casing

Strong recommendation item for eyebrow

"Visit club clio, clio's homepage"

This subjective review is writtn after provided with the product by clio and used it personnally